Sequin Kay, born 1984, from London UK, currently lives and works in Ibiza, Spain.

Sequin Kay is a British contemporary multidisciplinary artist who exhibits internationally. Kay formally trained in Fine Art and Painting at Camberwell Collage of Arts and Goldsmiths University in London, UK.

Sequin’s work explores spiritual realities such as Higher Sense Perception, metaphysics and the secrets of the universe. Her signature hand crafted art-works offer a window into the power of unseen energy, exploring the intriguing beauty and transformative power and paradoxical nature of healing, destruction and personal chaos. 

Passionate about environmental issues Sequin is currently raising awareness of sustainability and animal protection by donating and working with The Ibiza Preservation Fund in Ibiza and the Rimou Tiger Charity in Malaysia. Her most recent collection The 2020 Zodiac Collection is raising funds to directly protect Malaysian Tigers, and their habitat.  In this pivotal collection she intuitively brings the abstract elements of each of the thirteen constellations into life on the canvas.  By bringing Heaven down to Earth through the creation of each Zodiac she is inviting the viewer to really question ultimately who they are.

There is an underlying element of personal transformation present in this collection and through the exploration of transpersonal psychology Sequin has created a powerful reflective tool for the viewer to investigate and explore themselves through the connective power of contemporary art.  inviting the viewer to see into the mystery of ourselves and evolve into a deeper understanding into the nature of life on earth. 

Kay is an experimental artist whose practice expands across multiple disciplines and mediums such as; Site Specific Installations, mixed media textiles, sculpture, painting, digital projection and illustration

A sense of mystery and unfolding moves throughout her work and is also present in her creative process.  Her intention is to visually connect the viewer to a field of energy beyond our immediate world.  Aesthetically captivating, her artworks are centred around making the unseen seen, with her pieces directly referencing her higher sense perceptions and psychic abilities.  

Her large scale installations have been privately commissioned in Malta and Spain and displayed at public arts festivals. 

Kay has exhibited extensively in London including; Moniker Art Fair, Clerkenwell Design Week, The Smallest Gallery in Soho and the Dulwich Picture Gallery. International exhibitions of her work include showcases in Galleries in Costa Rica, Miami, Ibiza, Canada, Berlin, Ireland, Spain and Malta. 


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