Sequin Kay and Paul Mortimore



127 Velocities is a modern-day statement on the philosophical view of the ‘sublime’ inspired by Immanuel Kant. In this contemporary creative practice, the duo weave together their practices to invite audiences to inquire on their perceptions of the sublime, through the powerful and arresting medium of Digital Contemporary Practice. 

This Audio-visual piece is an experimental and dynamic fusion of traditional hand-crafted textile art by Kay and audio-visual digital mastery by Mortimore, where we see traditional embroidery techniques transformed through the lens of modern technology. Hand embroidered sequin crystal and bead embellished artworks have been documented through digitalized HD filmmaking and re-constructed through cutting edge digital techniques. These include; video mapping, live visual control, intelligent and a sensor reactive projection software.  By merging their disciplines this immersive audio reactive experience features a digital projection design which is divided into 128 positional rings which intersect 127 velocities.  This produces numerous combinations of light of varying wavelengths.